Baseline and health systems Burden of disease data Governance & the RF/RHD Advisory Comittee Funding Laboratory services Intergration with primary care and health systems Government engagement Disease notification Human resources Health worker training Programme evaluation Primary prevention Community education Sore throat diagnosis & treatment guidelines Provision of primary prophylaxis Active case finding (sore throat clinics) Vaccine development Secondary Prevention RF/RHD Register BPG and other antibiotic supply Provision of secondary prophylaxis Priority based follow up (clinical review) Active case finding (echocardiography screening) Tertiary Prevention Medical management of RF and RHD Anticoagulation Triage and preoperative planning Poistoperative planning Provision of interventional services


Welcome to TIPS

This online version of the TIPS handbook (link downloads page) is a resource for people and places developing rheumatic heart disease (RHD) control programs around the world. TIPS provides an overview of RHD and opportunities to reduce the burden of disease. The resource is intended to help describe, design, implement, and evaluate comprehensive RHD control programmes.

TIPS is structured around a priority based framework for programme delivery, outlined above. Program components are arranged in approximate order of priority, working from left to right, bottom to top, in each row. This conceptual framework emphasises the need to tackle less complex components (antibiotic supply) before more complex interventions (echo screening and cardiac surgery).

We encourage you to read the short list of ‘things to consider’ for each chapter to explore the most relevant components for your program – resources are being added to support components of each chapter. We look forward to your feedback on TIPS and emerging resources.

Together we can achieve the global goal of a 25% reduction in premature death from rheumatic fever and rheumatic heart disease among people under 25 years by 2025.

The World Heart Federation and RhEACH